Includes, rsync and Variables - Oh My!

Fri, 08 Jul 2022

Even though pblog was just launched a week ago, it has since been updated with some nice quality-of-life improvements.

A new variable was added to the main configuration file called INC_HEAD_FOOT. By default this is set to true and simply pulls in two HTML files:

These includes are added to every outputted file from inside both the posts and pages directories on build.

Syncing Changes with rsync

Although it adds another dependency to the project, I believe utilizing rsync for the generated files is far better then nuking the directory from orbit each time. This also provides a cleaner experience for users syncing their _output directory with their web server of choice.

On the Horizon…

My plan was to also tackle the issue of “auto rebuilds” when running pblog locally. This became more of a headache than I initially estimated - so it was dropped from this patch. My hope is to get something up-and-running in the near future, while avoiding the inclusion of yet another major dependency. Anyone more experienced than myself in the ways of “auto rebuilds” is free to open a patch if they so desire!

Thanks for your interest in these minor updates!

P.S. Don’t forget - if your website runs on pblog be sure to reach out and get it featured on the homepage!