First Community Patch & Tweaks

Fri, 15 Jul 2022

pblog has received its first community patch! By “community” I mean someone other than myself has helped make this blog generator even better. So special thanks to Matthew Graybosch for contributing to this humble project and patching in some solid quality of life improvements.

This is why open source is great: smarter people can help fix your mashed-up spaghetti code!

The Changes

  1. Both pages and posts now generated Table of Contents by default
    • You have the ability to disable this site-wide in the pblog config
  2. Ability to disable Pandoc generated syntax highlighting
  3. xsltproc will now generate HTML5 and include the RSS feed description under the title
  4. New metadata variable (HTML_LANG) in the config
  5. Generated pages and posts now have “Table of Contents” by default
    • This can be disabled in individual files with toc: false
  6. Cleaned up redundant find statements

Some Features Left Behind…

Also suggested in this patch was the addition of more advanced image manipulation via ImageMagick. This additional feature was pretty great from my testing but I felt as though adding an extra dependency and slightly more complex settings to pblog was moving things further from simplicity.

BUT - that doesn’t mean you can’t take this great feature with you!

Introducing “Tweaks”

I feel that pblog should always remain as simple as possible at the core. Let people get something up-and-running with the least amount of friction as possible. But I know that some users might want to squeeze just a little bit more out of it. This is where the new Tweaks section comes in.

Feel free to check out the official Tweaks page and don’t be afraid to add your own by opening a patch-set!

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!

– Brad